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Klukach Family Law

Navigating through the tricky waters of a marital or custody issue can be incredibly trying – without an effective guide and ally. Diane Klukach has proven her abilities to be both during more than 25 years of experience practising family law. She had spent her entire career with Cassels Brock as the driving force behind its family law group, before establishing her own firm – Klukach Family Law – in 2013.

What Diane brings with her is the rigour of a career spent in a large corporate legal firm environment, combined with her personal commitment to her clients. Diane believes that no two clients or situations are the same and that her responsibility is to tailor a strategy that answers the specific needs of each individual case. The goal isn’t to win at all costs, it’s in Diane’s own words: “to make sure that my clients get not just a fair deal, but a good deal.” And that’s a deal that’s works well to resolve a situation for the long term. That is what you’ll find when you work with Klukach Family Law.